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Our market supply chain is complex because:

  • It involves specifiers, dealers & suppliers
  • A wide range of products & options
  • A demand generated by replenishment or new products
  • Demand profiles are erratic
  • The product mix varies widely
  • The lead-times are short
  • The majority of our orders are for 1 item
  • Often supplier lead-times are longer than customer expectations

So to exceed customer needs, our supply chain requires:

  • A configurable product customised through assembly postponement
  • Making 100% to order with a minimum batch of 1
  • Accurate MRP historical forecasting to help with erratic demands
  • Both lean and agile best practices and the application of whichever is the most appropriate for the part, along with a very responsive set of suppliers that seek continuous improvements.

We look to continuously improve suppliers added value performance in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Capacity
  • Capability
  • Creativity
  • Competitive costs

Supplier Development

All suppliers have their performance measured every 3 months and are informed of this in writing. Those suppliers demonstrating sustained improvements will be rewarded with a greater market share from Orangebox. Competitive purchase prices are a basic requirement but total acquisition cost will be considered in each scenario.

All material suppliers have to be assessed and approved by the Purchasing Manager. (Please see supplier documents page for more information).

The supplier selection is the responsibility of the Purchasing Manager.

Supplier Strategies

Where ever possible we have two sources of supply and they are local.

Material suppliers are categorised as approved, proffered and strategic.

Approved suppliers are those suppliers who pass the approval assessment.

Proffered suppliers are those suppliers who pass the approval assessment and acquires the majority of the market share.

Strategic suppliers are proffered suppliers who are selected to collaborate closely with Orangebox on new product development. they are involved in our new product development process and play an integral role in design and manufacturability and are guaranteed the week for a defined period of time.

All supplier types are encouraged to keep Orangebox up to speed with anything that is new regards products, processes or indeed continuous improvement.

As part of the Business Continuity Management programme at Orangebox the Purchasing Manager runs the supplier risk assessment project reviewing impacts on an ongoing basis and seeking contingencies. Where ever possible at least two sources of supply are acquired.

We are also keen that suppliers pursue best environmental practices and we dedicate a page to this subject under Environmental Information.

Relationships are not cosy or confrontational but expected to be co operational.

The CIPS code of ethics is a strategy all Orangebox employees are required to pursue and we expect our supply chain to do likewise.

Order Fulfilment

Each customer order is loaded via Eden software which configures the product and acknowledges the order. This information is then converted via AX software into the MRP system and relevant messages are sent to the Material Controllers.

Various inventory management systems are used. Material Controllers read their MRP messages daily. Various systems are used dependent on the product category (runner, repeater or stranger) and the supplier lead-times/batch sizes. Systems and combinations used are; blanket purchase orders, kanbans, daily purchase order placement for JIT, weekly call off schedules/reviews and safety stock triggers.

Stock Control

Perpetual inventory methods help support stock accuracy. FIFO is used to rotate stocks.

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