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This section of our supplier extranet provides news on the achievements which Orangebox suppliers are making on an environmental front.

Orangebox is accredited to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and the winner of the 2002 Wales Environment Award. As a result every care is taken to ensure its operations and products make a positive contribution to the local and global environment.

A wide variety of our products involve the use of timber in their construction eg - table tops, chair frames, seat shells, etc. Most of the wood we use is - solid beech, birch plywood and MDF (medium density fibreboard). We have always sourced our timber from sustainable European sources but we are now using an increased proportion of certified timber. This gives us & our customers the confidence that the timber we use comes from the most responsible suppliers. Currently 85% of our timber is certified to one of the following schemes and we are working closely with our suppliers towards making this 100% certified.

Carbon Footprint Information

We are currently working with FIRA to provide carbon footprint for all of our product portfolio and you can access the footprint for all our products within this website.

Chain of Custody

This is defined as 'the path taken by raw materials, processed materials or finished products from the forest to the consumer including each stage of transformation, manufacturing, storage and transport where progress to the next stage involves a change of ownership of the materials or products'. Proof of this chain of custody must be evident for any organisation or product to maintain the FSC / PEFC standard.

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