Airea Meeting Pods

Today, the office landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. Technology's impact on how we work can't always be anticipated. Orangebox recognises this and is focused on providing product that helps our clients embrace tomorrow, whatever form it takes.

Airea meeting pods & furniture systems extend and complement the office landscape by providing the opportunity to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms. The screens' variety of sizes and configurations means that for the first time, open plan spaces can deliver the same level of scope offered by the combination of fixed cellular space and open plan areas. Not only that, their complete flexibility and simple assembly means that you can experiment, alter and fine-tune your office configuration to suit the requirements of a particular team or project, easily and effectively.

With Airea II we set out to develop a new product that would solve critical planning and acoustic issues within the flexible workplace. The success of Airea has now created a new market segment to rival traditional fixed wall partitioning solutions.

This interactive microsite is a guide to illustrate the design and manufacturing intelligence of Airea II and to illustrate the products full planning and design potential.

1. The Story of Airea ll

Airea II is a critical new Smartworking product where we have changed everything and nothing. This short video, takes you behind the scenes and lets the product designers explain the background research and the design decisions that have informed the second generation of this original and innovative product.

2. Product Photography

A portfolio of product images and office scenarios, that illustrate the design applications of the product.

3. Technical Details

Because we have the freedom to design every single component from scratch, we have managed to re-think these 3 critical elements. View these short animated illustrations to explore the improvements we have made and the new level of environmental refinement inside Airea II.

4. Why Build Walls?

Fixed partition rooms require project planning, coordination with external building trades, building regulation approval and permanent connections into the buildings infrastructure. All of which incur cost, over the initial build cost. Airea II does not; we have done all the hard work for you, simply assemble, plug in and play with a guaranteed acoustic performance. Once in place you'll have all the flexibility you need, always.

5. Pod Configurations

Airea II is an extensive programme that ranges from a small pod for concentrated personal work, to a larger presentational pod for 12 people. Airea II offers diverse configuration potential from 3 to 42 sq meters of movable and flexible work spaces.

6. Screen Systems

Airea II includes a screening system of variable height and widths, which allow for infinite configurations. The panels can be solid or transparent and either work surfaces or benches can be supported off them at both table and café height, to create new work areas. The screens share the same architecture and design values as the Airea pods.

7. Almanac

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8. Product Resource

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