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In today’s world where open plan work environments dominate there is still a need to provide private meeting rooms.

Orangebox Airea and Air3 acoustic pods are designed to provide private space and quiet space where you need it in these open plan environments. Against built-in, bespoke or partitioned office solutions they are much faster, cleaner and simpler to commission.

They can be built-up, taken down and readily re-located to be used again. Being fully re-usable the potential cost savings against other solutions are substantial where in virtually all cases part or all of the structure would be scrapped.

Demountable Pods with Various Room Configurations

This moveable pod approach provides a wide variety of room sizes with different shape options. This provides customers with choice regardless of the space available. The various sizes are also to cater for a variety of work situations such as a phone booth, small meeting room, large presentation room, video-conferencing or a private concentration room.

Flexible Acoustic Room Systems

These meeting pods can be positioned anywhere within a building as they are NOT fixed to the floor. (ie-they are NOT a part of the structure of the building).

They can be furnished with a wide variety of interior furniture (seating, tabling) and can also readily integrate a range of technology equipment such as monitors and video conferencing components.

You can find out more on the Air3 and Airea acoustic pod product pages.

Please note:

New work trends mean companies are adopting more agile working practices and demand flexibility from their architecture and furniture. Orangebox Air3 pods are a new archetype in the workplace and are subject to interpretation on their use and which regulations might apply.

As a result, please be sure to consult with your local building “authorities having jurisdiction(AHJ)” and confirm any local regulations and standards that may apply before you specify and order.

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