End of Life

EOL & Take Back Scheme

In 2007 we decided to take a more pro-active approach to ensuring that the resources going into our products were not being lost to landfill after one cycle of use.

So we went about setting up a recycling centre at our factory site in South Wales – so now we can.

In 2008 we were granted the waste carrier license & recycling permits legally required to operate the centre. All our staff involved in the operation of the centre have WAMITAB certificates (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board).

The centre is able to offer our customers an affordable product take back service which currently deals with the returned product in one of two ways:

If the product is still in reasonably good condition then the most energy efficient next step is re-use rather than recycling so we pass it onto the St David’s Foundation - a local charity with 27 shops who provide hospice care in South Wales.

If re-use isn’t possible then the product is disassembled. The materials are then separated (metals, plastics, foam, fabric) and recycled via the appropriate channel.

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