Good Design

Good Design

Over the years our in house design team have been key drivers in ensuring we’re delivering on our commitment to sustainability.

Our design team ensure that environmental factors are key drivers in everything we do in understanding that the largest percentage of our environmental impact is determined by the materials we use in our products and how they are put together.

Orangebox is ultimately a design led business because we recognise the unrivalled value of design in manufacturing as being crucial to the success of our organisation.

We’ve developed a strong and committed in-house team who are involved in the conception of new product ideas, construction and engineering as well as how products are brought to market.

We know that we’re responsible for a huge amount of products and we want to make sure that we’re using materials in a responsible way. We summarised our ideas about these issues into a “model” which not only helps us keep our focus but also helps to disseminate our ideas to the rest of the business.

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