Zero Landfill Target. This one’s a corker, everyone says they’re going to do this at some point (we’re saying by the end of 2012 !) but not many people spell out how.

We’ve already reduced our landfill by a staggering amount by finding channels of re-use for all the easier stuff (metal, wood, plastic, cardboard). What we’re left with is the stuff which is much trickier to re-process, horrible stuff like glue booth filters and unwanted food waste from our canteen. Annually we’re still sending 72 tonnes to landfill so there’s still some work to do if we’re to hit the Zero target.

At Orangebox, the goal of minimising waste has resulted in a raft of employee led initiatives that have had a huge collective impact - when you have over 200 potential agents of change, big things can happen.

When we do generate stuff we don’t really want, like most people these days we’re trying to deal with it in a responsible way, encouraging widespread segregation & recycling, inside and outside the factory.

Our stores team has played a key role in driving our recycling strategy; from the implementation of multiple skips for steel, aluminium, plastic, etc. to the setting up numerous streams for the re-distribution of materials we no longer need.

Redirecting Waste. We recently collaborated with Vitafoam in an effort to find an alternative waste stream for our reject and reclaimed moulded foams. These products have been causing us a considerable headache for quite some time as disposal to landfill had been our only feasible option. We now have procedures in place to capture and segregate our waste foam products. Vitafoam collect the waste items and then reprocess them through the reconstituted foam production process. New foam components are then produced from material that was once destined for the landfill site.

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