Eureko Achmea

Products Supplied: Boundary Sofa Units | Writing Tablets

Dealer: SV Netherlands

Date: September 2008

Eureko is a large European insurance company based in the Netherlands. The company was formed in 1992 and has operations in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The company grew significantly in 2005 when Rabobank merged its insurance company, Interpolis. Famous for its special outlook on new ways of working.

No one at Interpolis has their own fixed place of work. The employees can select a place of work that is best suited to them and to the work they do. Special areas called ‘club houses’ have also been created at the Interpolis head office, each with its own particular atmosphere. In these club houses the Interpolis employees can combine various daily activities, such as working, consulting, meeting people, relaxing and eating. The flexible working concept led to a cultural transition at Interpolis.

The Euro Achmea project needed to create a specialist multi functional touch down space that would allow multi use once broken from the main conference facility. Due to its connection with Interpolis traditional work surface based solutions would not fit their concept or culture. Bold use of colours and scale along with the comfort and connectivity of Boundary meant the client had a practical signature space reflective of the culture of the main company.