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Part of the process of creating a great workplace is a rigorous design process, where acoustics are a central consideration, in the realising of a refined work environment.

A critical issue within today’s workplace is, what happens to this intelligence when the inevitable change to the layout, happens. How do we achieve refined acoustics in the flexible and adaptable workplace?

This critical issue is central in the development of the key architectural products within our Smartworking programme, such as Airea, Cove, Bay, Linio, Cwtch and Perimeter. Where refined acoustic performance are intrinsic to the products intelligence.

We continually work with acousticians and take our products into the sound lab to evaluate their performance and analyse how they can be refined, which is now part of our development process.

This results in products such as the award winning Airea Pods which have become game changers, in the realising of improved acoustic performance, within today’s workplace.

We aim to work with and learn from the best experts in their fields, to ensure our products and knowledge help solve the issue of refined acoustic performance, which is increasingly critical within our client environments.

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