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Network Landscapes

As the Millennial generation grows in importance within the workplace, so the design values of the contemporary workplace must yield to the new aesthetic and functional demands.

Perhaps within our workplace of ever-slick, ‘always-on, always-visible’ controlling and homogenous technology, we are seeking a more idiosyncratic, individual, craft-based and handmade quality.

Network Landscapes is a collection of furniture migrating away from hierarchical systems-focussed environments to more casual and diverse network spaces where the collaborative is as important as the personal, and the casual valued above formality.

Network Landscapes Seating Range

Boom, Bounce, Dench, Flex, Moss, Neeky, On Your Jays, Peeps, Tope & Yolo.

Network Landscapes Table Range

ATM, Hench, Hep, IMO, Java, Joe, Neato, Rock, Skeen, Trill & Yawl.

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