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Soft Seating

The expansion of our upholstery systems to more than six, within the Smartworking portfolio is testament to the importance of these products groups, from the classic Path family to the more contemporary Vale and Cwtch.

Each product delivers a unique and individual design with multiple specification options, to ensure the diversity of client needs are answered within the changing workplace. From the expansive function scenarios of Perimeter to the architectural presence of Boundary, the clarity of function of Boarder and the design simplicity of Acre.

The vitality of this product group is also reflected in the continual evolution of each, to ensure the diverse and changing design scenarios of our client organisations can be realised.

The design choice of Orangebox upholstery products means these products work both within large atrium environments, where you need architectural status and control and when combined within smaller groups.

Where each product combines easily with a wide mix of landscape products and within a broad variety of location and function scenarios.

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